We also keep a large stock of pad available, but our top sellers with their standard prices are below:

3/8" 6# Pad - $4.00 s.y.

1/2" 6# Pad - $5.00 s.y.

1/2" 8# Pad - $6.00 s.y.

Pad Products

Color is not an indicator of quality for pad. Pad can be various colors while still being the same thickness and density. Above is 3/8" 6# to the left, 1/2" 6# in the middle, and 1/2" 8# on the right. The only visual difference you can see is that the foam pieces within the 8# pad are smaller and more compact than the 6# pad.

Pad can be difficult to distinguish the difference in grade. The first figure (3/8" or 1/2") refers to the thickness of the pad, while the second figure (6# or 8#) refers to density of the pad. Pad that is more dense than others will stay firm and supportive for longer and take longer to break down. 

3/8" 6# pad

1/2" 6# pad

1/2" 8# pad

We also keep a limited stock of plastic barrier pad that is great for spills or any type of moisture.

       - With a plastic barrier, any liquids are prevented from soaking         into the pad allowing you to clean the mess and ultimately             preventing stains from reappearing.

Other Products

Although we primarily sell carpet, we also carry a variety of other products. These products include: linoleum, carpet tiles, VCT tile, luxury vinyl planks, laminate, and wood flooring. 

Largest Inventory in the Denver Metro Area

We have the largest in stock carpet inventory for one location. Our 18,000 square foot location is packed full of carpet.  This means that you can select, purchase, and take home any of our products on the same day. You can also go with our fast and convenient installation service that is offered 7 days a week and usually only 7 days out.

We sell all of the major carpet brands including Shaw, Beaulieu, Mohawk, Dreamweaver, Atlas, etc.  We carry a wide variety of both residential and commercial, nylon, polyester, stain resistant, and premium backing carpets.  Our range of basic, medium, and high quality carpets make our prices the most flexible for any kind of budget or project. Again, this is all in stock but we can special order any carpet that you may be interested in. 

Carpet Products